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Expressing Creativity & Truth with Ajeet Kaur – EP36

July 13, 2018

Haseya-Ajeet-Kaur-CDAdam and Ajeet Kaur in discussion on topics ranging from the expression of one’s creativity and truth (in Ajeet’s case by way of song & music) to nature, kundalini yoga, managing illness, and having a deep profound perspective of life circumstances.

Ajeet talks about her musical upbringing in an Irish family, and overcoming recent illness with natural remedies. She explains that illness can be something to reflect on, and examine from a unique perspective. How illness may cause us humans to yield more, yet it is something which allows us to turn more inward and examine the depth and experience of our lives as it unfolds on the physical, and metaphysical planes.

Ajeet is a beautiful soul and weaves her tone and song with grace and eloquence that can only be derived from the many planes of creative expression that have been referred to as ‘muses’ or ‘akashic records’, ‘dmt realm’, and many other names.

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