Dzogchen Great Perfection with Lama Surya Das – EP35

June 28, 2018

Lama-Surya-Das---wetheaetherA wonderful conversation with author Lama Surya Das on Dzogchen Tradition/Lineage and The Great Perfection. Adam has been a listener of the Awakening Now podcast with Lama Surya Das for some time now, and felt this conversation was long overdue. It’s also a great follow up to Episode 33 with Ragu Markus (close friend of Surya’s).

Surya and Adam discuss meditative practices and how one can embrace and surrender to the great perfection. Surya explains a method of breathing meditation to open oneself up to the great naturalness and to become present in Nowness – in the eternal NOW.

Surya has authored several books including ‘Awakening the Buddha Within‘ and ‘Buddha Is As Buddha Does‘ – both of which are Adam’s personal favorites.

Lama-Surya-Das-Dali-LamaThis conversation was also filmed in video format for the first 10min, and we encourage you to watch on Adam’s YouTube Channel. The video is also embedded below or Click Here to watch.

If you would like to hear Surya back on the podcast for further discussions please let us know or leave a rating on iTunes!

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